Claire was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She studied textiles at The Savannah College of Art and Design and became fascinated with creating new materials, and experimentation. She currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. 

As artists we are important because through our own unique, soul vantage point we are channeling things that are greater than ourselves. By creating in an intuitive way, it is my intent that some aspects of my work are left to chance in order to express that which is beyond my full conscious understanding in the present moment. I serve as a guide to the materials. The freedom of experimentation allows for creation without fear or judgment of the outcome. Experimentation welcomes chance and innovation; it also adds a sense of potent vibrancy and life to the work. In my work I intend to let the chance encounters of physical elements reflect something that is immaterial and universal. I do not intend to express personal emotion, rather, an energy, beyond emotion. To serve as a vessel for an immaterial, universal energy and make it material, this is my goal.